Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Fullmate X11?

The Fullmate X11 is a nail printer that can print onto a fingernail (or false nail) any pattern or photo.

What patterns are available?

There are over 1000 designed patterns accessible via the mobile app which is free to download.  New patterns are being added all the time.

How long will the print last?

Following the guidelines on how to print will maximise the longevity of the pattern. So will last as long as your gel system.

How much should I charge?

You can charge whatever you see fit for a printed nail – rrp is $5-$7 per nail.

How easy is it to remove the pattern?

Follow the steps to remove the pattern – it is exactly the same as removing gel polish.

How do I get a specific photo to print?

You can either text email or AirDrop it to your mobile phone – which then connects to the machine – it’s that simple.  Of course you want the photo to be clear so it needs to be a good quality.

Will the printing hurt or damage the nail?



How long does it take to print my nails?

It takes approx. 30-40 seconds to print each nail on top of the manicure and prep time.

Do I have to have the same pattern or photo on every nail?

No. You can have a different photo or pattern on each nail, or a combination of photos, patterns and plain nails. Check the website for some ideas, designed by New York fashion designers.

Can I print onto short nails?

Yes – bearing in mind that the image will shrink to fit.

Can I make my own designs?

Yes you can create your own gallery.

Is it waterproof?


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