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ArtSake is delighted to bring to New Zealand’s qualified Nail Technicians the amazing Fullmate X11 Nail Printing machine.

This state of the art technology will revolutionise the service that the Nail Technician provides to the client.


Why the X11?

  • Nail Technicians spend hours creating nail art – the X11 reduces this to approx. 30 seconds per nail – great service, more profit
  • The nail art app offers over 1000 designs – including top New York fashion designs
  • Makes the salon stand out from the rest of the competition
  • The X11 is easy to use – and comes with all the kit to get you started – the step by step guide and video support is there to get you set up and working in no time
  • You can create your own design gallery to offer to your clients
  • Clients can have their own design printed onto their nails – even their pet, children or favourite pattern – the possibilities are endless!

ArtSake holds the exclusive distributor rights for the Fullmate X11 in New Zealand.  The ArtSake team will provide all the materials and support you need to get you started and also provide ongoing supplies.


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Kathy Hansen

ArtSake is owned by Kathy Hansen.

Kathy has been a qualified Nail Technician for over 15 years – with her own very successful salon in Cambridge NZ.  Having seen a huge rise in clients wanting nail art Kathy found herself spending huge quantities of time working on this which significantly affected her business and the time she spent on each appointment.  So she went looking for a solution.  She spent over a year researching and testing various options, nail printers and products and finally discovered the Fullmate X11 which Kathy believes offers the very best in nail art technology in a package that meets not only the practical needs of the salon and nail technician but at a cost that won’t break the bank!

Kathy has spent time working with the X11 and the associated products so she can share her passion and knowledge with NZ Nail Technicians.

Kathy welcomes your contact to ask her anything you like about the X11.

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